Viamala & Zillis

We started this lovely half day trip by train from Chur and took the bus then to the first stop - the viamala gorge. It was impressive to see how much water must have been gone through in the past years. Today the water Level is much lower but still a good place to walk around, surrounded by the sound of water. We decided then to walk further to Zillis, which is an easy trail with some hanging bridges, mostly you walk through the forest or crossing farm fields. Once arrived in Zillis, we stopped at the restaurant  Alte Post - I can highly recommend this place if you ever want to taste a speciality from this region - Capuns. It was soooooooooooo delicious! :). Before taking the bus back from Zillis, we also visited the famous church in the village. I am not that into churches, but this one is worth a visit to see the Special paintings of the ceiling.