The Ghan - a once-in-a-lifetime-train-ride

Here we are, on the most exciting trainride I've ever been although I experienced nighttrains in Thailand and Vietnam. But The Ghan is something special in another way and the train which is going from Adelaide - Darwin or the other way back. I booked the trainride from Adelaide to Alice Springs (Halfway). Arriving at the trainstation (and it is not the "normal" trainstation, glad I doublechecked that before) where other trains are leaving, was an experience already. You got very warm welcomed, I checked in and got my first prosecco right after as all drinks where included.

When it was time to board, I found my carriage and cabin after a bit of walking, the train is suuuperlong and after a quick instruction on the cabin, I had time for myself. Some words about the cabin: The cabins are luxurious and you can get either single or double cabins. When you go for dinner, the staff will change the cabin into a bed for the night. It was really super comfy. Most of th time i spent at the lounge, just before the restaurant as this was the place to meet fellow travellers. There were couples, families but also some single travellers and so it came that I shared the table for dinner with a guy from England, who did some exciting sailing trips before and a youngster from Scotland who is a professional Cricket player back home and was by then a Cricket trainer for kids in Sydney. Funnily he spoke German as well and so we enjoyed some drinks, super delicoius food and a wonderful landscape through the outback on the ride.

The train left at 11 am in Adelaide and arrived at around 11 am the next day in Alice Springs. In between there was an (optional) morning stop in Marla for sunset. I didn't wanted to miss that and it was very well made with some campfires, coffee, tea and snacks. Back in the train i gathered some more sleep as I didn't sleep too well although it was super comfy and when we arrived in Alice Springs we got welcomed by a supercrazy heat which we didn't feel at all in the nicely climated train before.

I also have to say that it was not the cheapest option to travel, but for me it felt somehow like beeing in the Orient Express of Australia and as the sailor said: If you can afford it, do it - and I don't regret a single second to have chosen the famous Ghan for seeing finally the (red) Centre of Australia after I missed it 10 years ago.

Arriving in Alice also meant to re-unite with Elly again who took the plane from Melbourne. Alice Spring was the start point of our last tour in Australia, to finally see the famous Red Centre as well.