Ladies Weekend Vol.1 - Porto April 2015

What’s better than a short getaway with the girls? Porto has been our target for an extended ladies weekend – it started already at the train in direction airport with great laughers and I knew immediately this is going to be a lot of fun!

Thanks to Camilla who has been there before, we got a great recommendation for our accommodation and I would book it anytime again – the Gallery Hostel – great staff, nicely designed with an own art Gallery and a good concept of the rooms to feel comfortable immediately.


I have to say in general we didn’t eat that well in Porto, maybe it was just bad luck who knows. Anyways this doesn’t matter as long as you can get portwine. We also did some sightseeing and, obviously when 4 girls come together, shopping and party party!


Porto is absolutely charming, romantic and I would go there again anytime. These are my personal highlights:

  •  Visiting a PortWine Cellar – we went to Taylor's  – you pay 5 EUR for the tour (doesn’t last long), and you can taste afterwards 3 portwines. Definitively worth!
  • CableCar – perfect if you are too lazy to walk. Nice advantage: By purchasing a ticket you get a voucher for another portwine in one of the cellars.
  • Tower – you get a nice view over the City for 3 EUR only. Where else do you pay that for a breathtaking view?
  • Library – unfortunately it was closed when we wanted to go there, but it would have been great stepping into it. It’s the library where J.K Rowling got the inspiration for Harry Potter.
  •  Bars – Enjoy the pubcrawl and nightlife :-)
  • Try at least once a Bacalhau and if you are brave Francesinha – rumours have it that it must be delicious especially the sauce. I never tried it as it doesn’t look too appealing to me :-)
  • Taxis (and everything else) are incredibly cheap – take advantage of it
  • Apéro – as on the point mentioned above – take advantage of it :-)
  • When it’s warmer I think a trip to the beach will be worth then too.

We had a blast, met new friends from the French part of Switzerland who even carried our shopping bags when we were tired and I think my blood got exchanged by portwine during these 3 days.