Guadeloupe - les vacances

After some days without any school, recovered from Zika I got in Martinique, we took the plane to get for some days to Guadelope and booked a rental car for getting around the island.

I booked our stay through AirBnB and if you will ever make it to Guadeloupe, I can highly recommend the accommodation of Dora & Bruno - they are great hosts, Dora is an excellent cook and super fun and having a lot of insider tipps. It's a bit difficult to find tough (or we were too stupid) but we made it and for a welcome we got directly a freshly cuttet coconut from the garden.

Guadeloupe gets called as the Sister Island of Martinique, however I had the feeling they are different and Guadeloupe had some other highlights to discover. 

What I can recommend to do in Guadeloupe:

  • Botanical Garden -  There is one in Martinqiue too, but I prefer the one in Guadeloupe.
  • Volcano - La Soufrière - There is one in Martinique too, I have only been to the one in Guadeloupe and can highly recommend it. There is the possibility that he is covered by clouds, but the walk up is worth it anyway. 
  • Yalode Kayaking - It is a great kajak tour you do when the sun goes down and it lasts around 8.00 pm. You go through mangroves, get to see the ecosystem and when it's dark you have the chance for very special moments. I don't say more at this stage, you have to go and see what will happen!
  • Plage de la Malendure - I point out this beach because I had a personal highlight. As I am not a diver and doing snorkeling only, I tried many times around the world to see a turtle. I was unlucky in Autralia where I tried it many times and I almost gave up to see any in my lifetime. But Dora, where we stayed said I will find some there. She provided us with snorkelling equipment and we drove to the beach and soon we were in the water, close to some boats which are stopping there and it happened - I managed to see my turtle! YAY!
  • When you're there during carneval season, you shouldn't miss it. We had the chance to see one parade in Pointe-à-Pitre and I have to say I prefer the Carneval in the carribean to the one we have here in Switzerland. Anyway as in Martinique, the capital of Guadeloupe is neither special. 
  • Guadeloupe has nice beaches too and you will get to them when driving around. Make sure you try out a sorbet Coco! Women are selling it on the beaches and it is incredibly delicious (you can get it in Martinique too)

Altough I thought after St. Lucia I will never step again into the horrible ferry, we had too as we continued our trip by visiting Dominica, another islands closely to Guadeloupe Luckily, the sea was calm and the ride not too bad. More about Dominica can you find here