Good question which i can't really answer. During the last ladies weekend in Budapest, we wanted to fix a date in the future as it is not so easy to get one date per year for a weekend which suits all. So said, we quickly had an agreement on the date. Second step: find a place where none of us has been before. Third step: Check out the website of easyjet to find a cheap flight to a destination we've never been before.  
As soon as we've booked the flight, we started research of what we could do in Pristina and this led to the question again: Why Pristina? in February, where it will be freezing and there is nothing to do? Plus we have to book a night at the airport hotel in Basel as the flight was at 7.00 am! 
Well although the preconditions were not the best, we all agreed on giving Pristina a chance and so we headed to Kosovo in the early morning for an extended weekend.

And I have to say, we got surprised in a positive way - these are my highlights of the trip:


  • We had sunny days and it was not that cold as we thought it would be - yay
  • Siam Siam Thai Massage - yes it was painful, but really helped (at least my back was much better after)
  • Dit e Nat - lovely café with a real cat 
  • Gagi Restaurant - I know the name might sound not that appealing for german speaking people, but we loved it! Super friendly staff, amazing meat, great Raki and we loved the Sambucca too :-)
  • Green and Protein - yum bowls, perfect for lunch to explore the city afterwards
  • Home Restaurant and Bar - very good food as well! 
  • Baba Ghanoush - lovely vegetarian restaurant. Perfect to share some mezze. Entry is very hidden tough and we had some challenges to find it
  • RAZ escape Room - was fun although we had some challenges as we messed up the order of the riddles :-) Also here, not so easy to find, even the taxi driver had to ask some poeple to get us there.
  • Babel Bar & Café - good place for good drinks 
  • Bamboo Bar nice place for some drinks and some party. Pristina seems to have a vibrant nightlife - but we were done already after the visit in Bamboo. 
  • We also did a Free Walking Tour which was interesting too, but you can easily walk around and explore the city by yourself and you will automatically pass all the stops.

You named it, my highlights were mostly food and drinks which were really delicious and super super affordable (a meal cost about 5 EUR) and I liked the small cafés, bar and restaurants. The people we met where very friendly too. After the weekend I just feld like ended up in a smoker as a lot of people smoke and it is in most of the places allowed. 

Overall I can say, it was a cool weekend, mostly because it doesn't matter where we go, we always have a good and fun time and this count the most. 


I can recommend Pristina for a visit if you're on a Balkan Roundtrip to visit the city as well. If you do not go further you can cover the main sights within one / two days.