Happy days in the Dolomites

Yay, time has come to visit the South Tyrol again. After being there last year already, we splitted this time our days in different parts: First, we stayed for some days in Toblach - which was an invitation of my father to celebrate his retirement (meanwhile he reitred from the retirement already, but that's another story) and to show the region he is so much in love with that he's spending time there since 9 years already and doing crazy tours in the dolomites.  
For the second part we decided to add some days in Vinschgau where we've been last year.

Program for tourists in the Dolomites

After a car ride of about 6 hours with having many in front of us which were not in a hurry at all - we made our way to Toblach where my father was awaiting us as he has spent already two weeks there and did some tours with the SAC Brugg. Our accommodation was the Hotel Stauder - a family owned hotel with very friendly owners where the majoirty of guests are active people choosing the hotel as a starting point for their activities in the mountains.


Pragser Wildsee
To start easy, we decided to do a first walk in the later afternoon, earlier morning around the Pragser Wildsee. This lake is pretty famous as he is very instagrammable as the lake is mirroring the mountains around and there was a TV production in the last years with Terence Hill which leads to being a hotspot too. As we arrived on a Saturday, it was still crowded, many Italians go there for a day trip - it's easy accessible, parking cost around 6 EUR.  The walk around was very enjoyable, but I also have to say you were smelling most of the time dog shit while walking which is the down point of going to a popular spot - as many other places which are popular people tend to destroy it unfortunately. Nonetheless the lake is beautiful and I can imagine to go back there one day but it would be definitively not during school holidays or on a weekend! :)

Hiking Day - Kreuzberg Pass - Rudi Hütte
As the weather was good for the next day, we took the public bus to the station Kreuzberg Pass and hiked from there to the Rudi Hütte. Happy to have my hiking sticks with me, we were making our way up and into direction Rudi Hütte. The hike and the views were great - but also here there was so much trash along the way - it's a shame :(. Arriving at the Rudi Hütte we got delicious local food and headed back by the cable car as hiking down is not that much fun. One way cost 19 EUR! to get down - the proof that not only Swiss are expensive :-)

Excursion to the three peaks (3 Zinnen)
One of the iconic signs you face everywhere when in the dolomites are the 3 Zinnen. And as I was in this region for the first time, I wanted to see them too! After the hike yesterday we were not too much into hiking anymore and the weather forecast was also pretty unpredictable but we decided to drive there (about 45 minutes from Toblach) and before paying for the road up and the parking (around 30 EUR per car - they know how to make money with tourists!), we checked out the view - it looked good and therefore went up and walked to the famous view point where everyone is going. From there on you could do various hikes on different levels, but we were fine with just enjoying the view and the play between sun and clouds around the mountain chain. Definitivley worth a visit - especially when the peaks are not covered in fog and clouds - we were really lucky as the fog got stronger on our way back.
Before we were heading back to Toblach, we stopped at the restaurant Malga Rin Bianco which is on the way back from the parking (around 5 minutes) - a bit hidden but worth a visit - it was delicious and the staff super friendly. 

Shopping time in Innichen & Bruneck

As the weather forecast was not too appealing for some outdoor activities, we strolled around Innichen and took the train then to Bruneck for some window- and real shopping of local specialities and umbrellas as it was pouring down on the way back to the train :-) Both are cute towns / cities and worth a visit - especially when it is raining. Back in Toblach we continued and extended the shopping a bit as we discovered a store with cool things (check out www.3mountains.it) and ended the day with our usual Schlummis (Gin or Tea or Nocino or Beer or a mix of all :-)


If I make it ever to Toblach again, I will also check out the restaurant Hans - where I got best recommendations for it! 


The days in Toblach (Dobbiaco) were very enjoable, finally time to spend with the family! Thank you Dad for the invitation <3 - we know now why you fell in love with this region!


Relaxing days in Vinschgau

After the days in the Dolomites, we were heading in direction Mals, to the other "End" of the South Tyrol for some days in the hotel "Das Gerstl" where we'v been last year and always love to come back! From minute one you feel like your in holidays and can relax completely. Our highlights were:

  • Spa & Wellness Treatments
  • Our hike with the senior chef up to the Weisskugelhütte
  • The food and drinks - it's always a gourmet experience. Soo delicious. Since our last visit they've rebuilt and expanded the kitchen - on one evening it was possible to visit and order directly - very innovative, love it!
  • Walking barefoot in the snow - End of September and it was snowing - crazy! But I love to see the mountains with its snow-sugarlike-peaks.
  • The blackroll training was also necessary for some parts of the body after the hike :-)

Although Covid19 was still present by getting checked for fever on the check-in or wearing a mask when going to the hotel restaurant, we could still enjoy the days at the Gerstl to the fullest and hope to be back one day.