Yes, Switzerland is a country which many hike Lovers and I remember that we were hiking a lot while we were kids. Somewhen you come to that phase where you don't want to go out with your parents anymore and priorities are changing. While I went hiking when abroad to discover fantastic places in other countries, I haven't done that anymore since ages. But as I get older (and wiser hopefully) I realized that spending time in nature in Switzerland is not only rewarding with amazing landscapes, but also a great way to recharge batteries during the busy daily life.

One of these fantastic places is Oeschinensee. We did there the wonderful panoramic hike where you can see the Oeschinenlake all the time. Especially when going there in summer, you appreciate to escape at least a Little bit from the heat. 

You could also go from there to the "Blüemlisalp" and extend it to a two days hike which we might do somewhen in the future. I guess Pictures are saying more than words - enjoy :)