Another passion of mine is going to concerts, musicals or other cultural activites so I thought I just write down who I have seen and how I experienced seeing these artists live.


Bruno Mars

an absolute surprise, made it happen that the entire stadium was standing after 5 secs beeing on stage. Big party, great moves, would definitively go again.


Robbie Williams

what can I say – pure and charming entertainment, cool show


Olly Murs

on stage before and with Olly – enjoyed his show too and follow him since then on instagram :)



 pure magic, amazing show with goosebumps-moments. Love the music but the prices of the tickets are going into a direction I am not willing to pay anymore


Rockstars, loud and cool


David Garret 

Love him or hate him.  His passion with the violine is impressive. I have seen him 3 times, 1x Art on Ice and 2x at a Concert. Also the show is very professional. Great artist and nice hair :)


Nobody beats her hip-dance but the concert was a bit disappointing. A lot of dancing, a lot of playback, an incredible waiting time which was not helpful for the atmosphere which she couldn’t change during her quite short show.


I like this gal. Of course provoking but cool show. I am ok with seeing here one time.


Justin Timberlake
Mr Perfect. Incredible show. Somehow almost too perfect for me. I don’t need a break during a concert,. However great singer, songwriter, dancer and entertainer.


Kings of Leon

Pro’s, playing their program, leaving again. Nothing against that as I love their songs which followed me during my Australian stay heavily.


George Ezra

Cool guy, nice songs, I like


Black Eyed Peas

Maybe not the greatest live singers, but whoaa their concert was an entire party and I had much fun!


Lenny Kravitz

Legend. Rockstar. Will still be sexy with his rock guitar when he turns 70 I guess.


Unexpected cool and great concert


Alicia Keys
Great voice, love here when singing and playing the piano.


German HipHop Legends – great fun


Xavier Naidoo / Söhne Mannheims
Love his voice,concerts were great.


Andreas Gabalier
Fun concert all dressed up in Dirndl and enjoyed a party

I thought once in a lifetime I have to see the hip-hop giant and it was an interesting experience seeing him on stage and being part of a hip-hop crowd.


The Joubys
Nice band from France. We followed them somehow in Martinique and have seen them three times around the island. Sadly I just got the news that they won’t continue as a band. Glad I had the chance to see the guys though.


Common, it was my sisters birthday’s present and it was fun :) :) :)


Cats Musical

Classic – love the songs and the artists


The Lion King
Wow, the costumes are amazing. Anyway one of my favourite Disney Movies and Musical too, seen it twice.


Phantom of the Opera

Simply amazing. Great story and the voices are incredible. Highly recommend it to see i t in London, one oft he Musical Meccas.


I love it! Fresh, Rock'n'roll - what else can you ask for? 


The magic flute (Mozart)
I am really not that into Opera, however, this is a masterpiece of Mozart and I absolutely loved it. Can recommend it to Opera beginners as I am one too.


Musical Hair

Great Hippie-Musical, liked it. Always remember: Let the sunshine in!


Musical Jesus Christ Superstar


Karls Kühne Gassenschau
So far I have seen the program Silo8, Fabrikk and Sektor1 of that SwissGroup, who bring along a firework of technical surprises, artistic fun and good stories together. It’s hard to describe in own words – you have to check it out by yourself.


Poetry Slam

From time to time I enjoy going to Poetry slams and see the people on stage who make me laugh or tot o think about some themes Always relaxed atmosphere and the winner will win a bottle of Whiskey.


Planet Earth Live in Concert

This was a great show too. Love the BBC production about Mother Earth - a Symphony Orchestra was playing the soundtrack of Hans Zimmer. 


Bryan Adams

Great Concert. Realized only at his concert how many hits he has landed with his music!


Ed Sheeran

What an Artist! Yes, he is famous, does mainly commercial pop music - but there is a reason why he has so many fans. I like his music, I like his style and the open air in Zurich was a great show. Although pricey, this was one of the concert I would go again and pay its price as it is worth the money.