Emmental - the Kambly Experience Tour

My present for my mum's last Birthday was an excoursion to another Region of Switzerland, the Emmental where she got a voucher for the so-called "Kambly-Experience-Tour". To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, I have read about Beautiful landscapes and I thought it might be a good idea to disvoer that by an eBike tour I have neither done before. So we took the train to Langnau im Emmental where we rented the bikes and started after a quick instruction. First I have to say, eBikes are a great invention! Your legs still do the work all the time, but you can decide where you would like to get support from the bike which makes it easy to ride all the hills up. Second - the landscape - woooow! It is really like a fairytale - grassgreen hills, some cows, some old farms and the people very very friendly (and slow, but this is fine here :)). We really enjoyed the ride, going up and down, stopping at the restaurant Blapbach (too bad we were not hungry enough, the Meringue which is a speciality from this Region looked amazing!) and finally arrive at the factory of Kambly, one of the most famous Swiss cookies and pastries factory. You can try there all the creations from Kambly - you can imagine that we didn't leave hungry before heading back to the train station where we returned the bikes.
This was such a beautiful day which I will defintively take on my "if-you-ever-have-people-from-abroad-do-this-Tourist-program-with-them-list.