Aber Scheiss drauf, Malle ist nur einmal im Jahr*

Yes I know it belongs somehow to Spain too, but for Mallorca it's worth having an own Chapter :)  



Because I needed an extended ladies weekend. And I haven’t done any trips for a long time with my beloved Milalein. Mallorca was our destination in 2016 + 2017



2016: What happens if you book very last minute and you don’t care much about what you booked? Exactly, you end up in a transfer bus from the Airport in Palma packed with the young Ballermann PartyFolk (at least a bit younger than we are ) and have to listen to bad flirt trials which were getting worse during the long ride to our hotel. As we arrived quite lately in Sa Coma where nothing was open beside a restaurantat the beach which is not worth to mention. But from there on we realized where we ended. Sa Coma – ratther a place for people like dancing in front of a 1man-show entertainer and average age around 60 (no offense). Tomorrow will be another day and we’ll have time to explore the surroundings oft he area.

2017: Learning from 2016, we booked an arrangement including hotel, flight and car rental directly in Cala Ratjada. What a fantastic descision as we could enjoy all amenities of a 5star rated hotel which was in walking distance to the beach and the little town.


Cala Milor

After having breakfast we decided to walk to the next town Cala Milor. The walk took longer than we expected but the view tot he sea was amazing. Unfortunately still too windy and cold for getting into the water, but at least sunny. We had a stroll around the town and by coinsidence I have seen shops from the VOX series „Die Auswanderer“ (yes I wach that ocassionally). Returning back we tried out the hotel facilities (indoor pool & spa, Zumba etc) before we prepared ouselves for getting to Cala Ratjada.


Cala Ratjada

We heard that there is some nightlife but not as hard to survive as the real Ballermann in El Arenal – sounds perfectly for us. First, we spotted a Tapas Restaurant and it was love at first sight. The tapas were amazing and the Sangria - oh my god!. You can imagine it was not the last time we’ve been to Euphoria.

After some more Sangrias, we were ready for THE NIGHT. We decided to move with the German Culture and ended up in the „Bierbrunnen“. On the first night it was hard for us catching up with the complex texts oft he Ballermann songs, but soon we figured out and were well equipped for the next days out in town.  We met fun people and had a great time.

Same happened of course in 2017 - We've been to Euphoria again but as well other very pretty restaurants and bars in town. You will spot them while you there - these are the places where you get directly the holiday feeling. 



This year (2017), time has come to get this experience of the Ballermann, Megapark, Bierkönig and how all these locations are called. It was pretty crazy altough I thought it will be even crazier. Maybe arriving at 9.00 pm is the time where all people are dead already :). Anyway, I would consider this as a one-in-a-lifetime-experience and doesn't have to be necessarily repeated again. We had fun tough and it's cool that you can book a trip for 25 EUR from Cala Ratjada (pick up at 7.00 pm, return from Ballermann at 2.30 am, but at least 1.45 h drive), including 2 drinks and having fun entertainment by Peter on the bus which you can book here: https://www.calaratjada.com/tours/megapark-ballermann 


Around the island

The best way to discover the beauty of Mallorca is by renting a car (sure other say you rather book bike tours but hey, after ballermann nights and limited time it is surely the best way) what we did on our last day. We were crusing further up north and discovered nice places lI forgot the names already. If you check the map just further up north from Cala Ratjada J.

2017: Yes this time we had the car but I don't think we have seen more than in 2016. Well maybe, as we first drove into the wrong direction after arriving and took the chance on one day to go to another beach that this was it and we cancelled the plans heading to Palma before going back home and rather enjoying the hotelpool instead.


Highlights of the  short Mallorca trips:


  • Euphoria, Euphoria, Euphoria 
  •  Founding the Double of Bendrit
  •  Missing the transfer bus back to the airport for one hour (still mysteric non-ringing of alarmclock) but still catching the flight - whoopwhoop
  •  Expanding the Ballermann-Song- Repetoire J



This time it was a bit different as I had other company and we did an Euro Bike Trip around the island and expanded the stay by returning to Cala Ratjada and the Lago Garden Apartsuites & Spa. Mallorca is always worth a visit and I enjoyed the time we had there! And Nemo liked it too, I am sure!


Highlights - of course it is about food and drinks :)

  • Mola in the Hype - oh my good that food! We went there twice 
  • Ikazaya Mallorca - best Japanese in town! You can even get Okonomyaki there! 
  • Restaurant Quince in Porto Cristo - just yum!
  • Restaurante Acuario Ca'n Picafort, delicious Tapas and good Sangria!
  • Beachbar in es Trenc. Super relaxed and holiday feeling. A shame we didn't pay too much attention to the famous salt coming from there :-) 
  • Fortalutx, beautiful town!
  • Port the soller - it is very stunning there. We didn't eat but if I will go back I will try out the Espiritu Libre it already looked lovely from the outside.
  • Euphoria, Euphoria, Euphoria 
  • The beautiful landscape with orange, lemon and olive trees
  • Vitamin Sea!
  • All the yum restos in Cala Ratjada, the Restaurant Paradise, Le Seazon were just amazing.
  • Euphoria, Euphoria, Euphoria can't be missed of course but I have to say I was not thaaat excited about it as the last times.
  • Lago Garden Apartsuites & Spa! Still my favorite. Friendly people, amazing breakfast, super rooms a heated pool and a Spa area! Everything you need for some relaxing days!

Good to know:

  • Wind can be pretty strong in April. We were freezing sometimes.
  • Sea is still too cold to swim for my taste.
  • The island is more focused on road bicycles than off-the-road trips. 

*title works only in German, no translation for it

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