I  am Swiss. Passionate about travel, food and other cultures. My native language is Schwiizerdüütsch (SwissGerman) but I post here mainly in English - it won't be written correctly, but while I am on my planet I can practise my English writing skills on a regular base. Beside German and English I do also speak un petit peu le francais et un poquito l'espagnol. 


This webpage is mainly for myself to remember special places I've been. I want to capture the great moments I have in my life and I want to document my highlights to have something I can look back to great memories - if there are recommendations for you as a reader here - even better.

For those interested what I am doing when not abroad, I have a cool job  as an international Sales Manager in a fast moving IT-Company.  Luckily, our international customers lead automatically to some travels too :)