St. Lucia - YAMAN!

Maybe you're wondering why finding St. Lucia in the section of my European Travels and yes, it's probably wrong and would suit better into Americas as St. Lucia is - differently to Martinique or Guadeloupe independent. But hence it used to be a colony from the UK and I spent only a weekend there during my Martinique experience, I decided to place it here :)


Welcome to St. Lucia! The Swiss Group who went to language school in Martinique, decided that we need some vacation of our vacation and explore another island! We booked a trip with the ferry which left on Friday late afternoon Fort-De-France for a weekend in St. Lucia and returning on Sunday back to Martinique.
I don't loose a lot of words anymore about the ferry ride - it's just if Mother Nature decides to have a rough sea, you will be more than happy when you arrive and a ride of about an hour can last ages. If the sea is calm, you won't have any issues. Else - rum or pills could help :)

Arrived in St. Lucia you have to bring some patience for the immigration as it might take some time. But you will feel immediately another vibe than on other islands, for me it got a Jamaican touch as everybody was greeting you with Yaman! 


St. Lucia is famous for it's Friday Night Street Party. Honestly I have to say that we didn't made it to the place. Too exhausted from the ferry ride, we got a nice dinner together, had some drinks and that's it. Anyway if I will ever make it to St. Lucia again, I will surely try it out!


We didn't did any big excursions neither so we stayed mainly in the hotel complex of Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa  and enjoyed, sun, drinks and nothing to do. 


Food: We had a delicious Thai dinner at a restaurant not far away from the Bay Gardens but I forgot the name. On the first night we went to Matthew's - a great burger place I can recommend too.


Overall it was a great weekend trip as we got into the carribean vibes we did miss sometimes in Martinique where you find a culture which is highly influenced by the French.