Welcome to the Land in Down Under. Where Women glow and Man plunder.....

 Looking back, my time in Australia has been one of the biggest and first adventures in my life. Deciding to quit my job, going to a country where I don't know anyone and enjoying life as much as possible has been the best decision of my life. This time is probably the reason why I got infected with the travel bug - so far I couldn't find any medicine against it, but this is anyway not my intention.
Australia has been my home in September 2008 -  March 2009.  I will never forget this time on this amazing continent. As 6 months are waay not enough to explore the country., I decided - 10 years later to come back for another fabulous 6.5 weeks in November / December 2018 where you can find different posts on the left side, best is to start with the Secrets of Esperance and you will be guided through the next adventures at the end of each post :)


Impressions from my first time in Australia can be found in Fremantle 2008 and Travels 2008/2009 and not to miss out Fijis <3