Freo and the time of my life

First time being away from home for a longer time, I decided to choose Fremantle for my three months language stay. I wanted to be close to a larger city (Perth) but still at a place which is a bit smaller than a big city - I couldn't have chosen any better. Fremantle (Freo) is charming, easygoing, the best brewery Little Creatures, an inviting Cappuccino Strip - the town made it very easy for me for feeling like home. Actually I was living a bit outside of town in Bicton with the best Hostmum I can imagine.

I also could not wish for a better teacher at the language school (Ann) and better class mates. We had such a great spirit and I can say that I have met there friends for life around the globe. If you follow the picture in the gallery, you will get into my story of 12 weeks in and around Freo and I assume it is not hard to imagine that Freo has a special place in my heart, which is most probably my favorite place in Australia thanks to the unforgettable time I had and people I've met. <3
Enough emotions for now - enjoy the gallery (with SwissGerman remarks, who thought that I will write in English on my website 10 years later??)