Travelling Australia!

After amazing 3 months in Fremantle, it was time to discover Down Under for another three months! Whoop! I have to say that from my time in Australia I have to say that from my Aussie time I have developed more than 3000 photos and they are all still stored in a box as I didn't manage to create a photo album within the last 10 years - a shame isn't it? But one more reason for this blog to digitize memories. As mentioned, it has been 10 years, but the memories to that time are that strong like it could have been yesterday. A reason for it might be, that back at this time, I wrote down my travel experience every day in an old-fashioned, traditional diary as blogs were not that famous back at the time. I neither had a smartphone then - equipped with a digicam only - having a look at the pictures I personally think they are still amazing!

You can see here in the gallery some notes in Swissgerman, back at the time where I created a summary about my travels in Australia I had not clue that 10 years later I would maintain my website with such information :)

Wanna have a summary about my travels?

  • Westcoast: Perth - Exmouth - Perth
  • From Cairns down all the East Coast, incl. Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island
  • Nooo I didn't made it to Uluru, Ayers Rock then. You see - even with 3 months you can't capture entire Australia but this give you a good reason to come back one day doesn't it?

During these travels, we experienced the Backpacker life and all the places which are famous for like Cairns Gilligan, Woolshed Cairns, Cheeky Monkeys in Byron Bay etc etc.

We had a blast and it's so hard to point out all the highlights. They are truly all in my heart, in my diary safely stored in my treasure chest but to name a few

  • the people we met during our road trip, we had incredible lots of fun!
  • The outback and the sky at night with the millions and billions of stars which seem so close there
  • the parties :-)
  • Skydiving in Byron Bay and Byron Bay in General
  • Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Whitehaven Beach
  • the shopping tours :-)
  • Fraser Island and its lakes in different colours
  • Kangaroo Island with its wildlife and nature

I could tell you too many stories from Down Under - just ask me and I am happy to tell you more of it and share some recommendations and tipps for you. What I definitely can recommend is taking some time to go to Fijis - it has never been that close to discover another paradise!

For now - enjoy the Gallery!