Ladies Weekend Vol.4

Yay it was time again for another ladiesweekend and to step into another country i haven't been before (nr.3 this year and it won't be the last). I keep it short:


We came, ate, drunk, had a lot of fun, left. :-) 


What to recommend:

  • Foodtour (what a surprise)
  • Being located in Pest - the Jewish Quarter has a lot of cool bars, cafés and restaurant which are worth a visit like the ruinbar Szimpla, Getto Gulyàs (some people say you get the best goulash in town there)  or the Vintage Garden for a romantic brunch.
  • Beer Spa. Something for the Once-in-a-lifetime-list. Lots of fun. Promise! And you can still go to the big public thermal temple!
  • Budapest is a beautiful city, also by night it is worth to go to the river and enjoy the view to the castle
  • Fixing the next ladies weekend volume 5 while being together. Maybe with a bit more research about the next posible destination - we chose Prishtina as our city to go End of February 2020. 

Pictures say more than words - and yes, I am very lazy, even stole most of the pictures from the girls :) Enjoy the gallery!