Stoos - Arriving. Relax. Enjoy

The beauty is often very close, but sometimes it takes a global pandemic to realise it.....

In April it was that time again, my longing for a change of scenery became so intense that we spontaneously looked for a place to take a few days off. Spontaneous is not so easy when it feels like the entire nation is looking for ways to escape from everyday life with the given restrictions. 


Fortunately, we were able to get the last room at the Seminar and Wellness Hotel Stoos. Although the region is not far from us, I must embarrassingly confess that I did not know it at all. Unfortunately, the famous and worldwide steepest funicular was undergoing maintenance and we travelled via Morschach and the smaller gondola.


Stoos is car-free and so we were able to unwind very quickly and enjoy the fresh mountain air. There was still snow at the end of April, so the next day we decided to hike up the Fronalpstock on snowshoes. The weather was perfect, the snow already very heavy, but we made it - the view was simply breathtaking!


We spent the rest of the days spa-ing and relaxing. The food at the hotel was great and the staff very friendly and helpful. On the day of departure, which also happened to be my birthday :-), I first received the warm congratulations from the entire staff at breakfast and then we treated ourselves with a massage. By chance, it was also my therapist's birthday - but unlike me, he had to work. But he didn't miss the opportunity to raise a glass to us together after the treatment. 


We had a great time in the mountains - the secret is simple. Arriving. Relax. Enjoy. We'll be back!