Bula from Fijis!

Ending an amazing Australian adventure with some Days on Fijis! Highly recommend this to everyone as you will enjoy the paradise!


I guess there is not much I can help you with when you go to Fijis, you will probably to some Island hopping. But remember two very important things:

  • Check if you have a valid visa from the country you're coming and your leaving to. Ours Australian visa was expired some days and they insisted that we booked a flight back one day earlier from paradise else we wouldn't have get boarded.
  • Read carefully what kind of Island Hopping you're booking. We had one where one "island" was actually a boat :-) we had also fun there but if you have the chance I guess you prefer to spend some time on an island.

Enjoy the gallery (captured by a digicam in year 2009)