Copenhagen - Hygge* mode on!

*a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

Finally it was time for a long weekend with my girls. After it didn't work out last year due to the pandemic situation, we couldn't wait to be on the move together again.

This time, the trip took us to Copenhagen, Denmark. After a pleasant flight, we landed in Denmark's capital after barely two hours. Although it was announced upon landing that all travellers had to take an antigen test, we were kindly asked and after confirming that we had been vaccinated twice, we were already on the train to the city.

Our accommodation this time was at the Steelhouse Hostel, where we had booked a private room with 4 beds. The hostel was very cool, the staff friendly and the rooms spacious, so we had to make do with less space than in Taiwan, for example :-).


All in all, we probably did more or less the usual tourist programme. These were the highlights:

  • Rent a bicycle and discover the city by the common transportation here. We rented them directly from the hostel. It's super easy and as the city is flat, not too exhausting either.
  • Reffen - what a cool place. It is an urban playground for co-creation, innovation, food and creativity and considered the largest street food venue in the nordics.
  •  Copenhot - we booked the sailing hot tub. It was fun - unfortunately the sea what a bit wavy and we couldn't do the foreseen tour but went on a shorter one. We even had the possibility to take a dip into the cold water. Best thing was to roast marshmellows over the fire! It's a bit pricey tough but was worth it as we enjoyed it.
  • Tivoli Gardens We were there in the evening to experience the atmosphere with all the lights when the sun goes down. Luckily the friendly guard informed us about the firework scheduled later in the evening and so we returned back for a fantastic firework which was performed and synchronized with music. The park is like a land of candy with lots of food stalls, funfair rides and shows. If you want to go on the rides, you pay a different entrance ticket.
  • Canal Tour Yes, this is very touristy. But we enjoyed the one hour canal tour as it gave some additional interesting insights into Copenhagen, the royal Family, Architecture and history. We booked the one starting from Ved Stranden (which might be less crowded than the one starting from Nyhavn.
  • No matter if you walk, take a boat or bicycle, sooner or later you are meeting the other must-see-when-in-Copenhagen: 
    Nyhavn - the famous area with the colorful houses next to the canal.
    Freetown Christiania - Depending on what you're into it, it might be interesting for you :-) There is an area where no pictures are allowed - we quickly walked through but as we are not into this business, we moved on direction Reffen - the better place for foodies like us :-)
    The little mermaid statue - basically just a little mermaid. But knowing the story and fairytale behind, it's worth to go and see it :-) There is also a good guide here what to see and do - you can't do anything wrong following those tips :-).

Food & Drinks

One of the most important for us :-) The good news here: I think you can't eat bad in Denmark. We only experienced great quality and it offers something for evey taste. These are the places we've been and I can recommend:
Sticks'n Sushi - delicious Sushi, friendly service. Would try other Sushi places too as there are some to discover.

Social Brew - perfect place for a yum start into the day

Bowl Market - also delicious for breakfast, however I expected a bit more here, maybe just because quality is already that good we got kind of used to expect always a higher level :-)

Reffen - as mentioned already, this is THE place to get delicious streetfood - just hard to make a decision with that offering :-)
Broens Gadekøkken - another a bit smaller streedfood place - just next to the bicycle bridge with a great offering too.

42Raw - yes sometimes girls gotta do some shopping. In the shopping centre of Frederiksberg we stopped here for a snack - delicious! 

Bubble Tea - Taste of Taiwan - we tried different Bubble Teas - this is the best :-)

Kayak Bar - a relaxed location, next to the canal. Possible to rent kayaks here, even to do something for the environment and picking up garbage by kayaking. Got there a nice "Moules et Frites" snack.

Pho Hanoi - delicious vietnamese food

Curfew - unfortunately they were full when we tried to go there. But would definitively give it a try again when being back in Copenhagen. Since New York I love the setting of so called speak easy bars. Last time we visited one in Taiwan too.  When we arrived at the Curfew we first almost missed the entrance and then it looked like you're in front of a bookshelf unless the door in this bookshelf opens :-).

Smørrebrød - how could I not mention this Danish Dish. But we haven't tried it :-). The other food was already too appealing. When I go back, I will try it. Promise.


For me the city is kind of a combination of Hamburg, Amsterdam and Fremantle with its own charme. What I really enjoyed beside the sightseeing, the food & drinks and spending time with the girls was:

  • I felt supersafe anytime. While we were there, the biggest Pride Festival was going on and the entire city was "clothed" in rainbow colors and you could feel that this city is very LGBTI+ friendly. Which should everywhere the case but as we know all it isn't.
  • The city is not too big, not to small. It provides everything you need and expect of a city trip. People are friendly (some are weird too, but still friendly :-)) and generally very relaxed. I guess this is the Hygge-thing :-)
  • If you're into fun facemasks - go to Normal and you might go crazy then :-) 
  • The way how they handle the pandemic and restrictions. It was the first time for me after more than a year where I was not wearing any mask in public (beside airport and public transport where I decided for myself to take a mask on).  Keeping distance and acting responsible seem to work. I didn't feel less safe than here in Switzerland. Additionally it is generally accepted to show a Covid-Certificate when entering a restaurant or an event. By coinsidence we passed a redbull BMX competition and could join it just by showing our QR code. 

This said, I hope to get my next Hygge experience soon again! Meanwhile we have to figure out where our next trip is leading us to. Stay tuned!